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Peterson Publications Advocates Use of Print

Advertising Rates

For additional information on UV+EB Technology advertising rates, please contact Janet Dunnichay at 785-271-5801 or via email at janet@petersonpublications.com.

UV+EB Technology Magazine

UV+EB Technology reaches end-users, formulators, raw material suppliers and service providers through its print and digital edition.

  • Reach more than 14,000 industry professionals each quarter with print and digital distribution.
  • Free links to the advertiserís website through the digital edition.
  • Bonus distribution at tradeshows, conferences and RadTech events throughout the year.

Each magazine includes the most up-to-date technical information on UV/EB processes, as well as product announcements, industry news and technology highlights.

Print Advertising Sizes

Web Offset, Saddlestitched. Width Height
Full Page Bleed
      – Trim Size
Full Page Non-Bleed 7.5" 10"
1/2 page horizontal 7.5" 4.875"
1/2 page vertical 3.75" 10"
1/4 page horizontal 7.5" 2.5"
1/4 page vertical 3.75" 4.875"

Required Formats
Please send ad as a PDF file saved at a minimum of 300 dpi. (All fonts should be embedded.) TIF files also are acceptable. We will NOT accept application files (Quark, PageMaker, Publisher, etc.).
Additional requirements can be found at www.petersonpublications.com.

Sending Materials by Mail
Advertisements (on CD accompanied by a proof) can be mailed to:
Peterson Publications, Inc.
2150 SW Westport Dr., Suite 101
Topeka, KS 66614

Sending Materials by Email
Advertisements can be sent to becky@petersonpublications.com. Our email system can accept large attachments, but sometimes large attachments can't be sent due to limitations of certain ISPs. If an attachment cannot be emailed, one alternative is to upload the file to your company website or FTP system and send us a link to retrieve the file.

We've prepared guidelines for preparing and sending electronic files. Please be aware that we do NOT accept QuarkXPress or Microsoft Publisher files. We accept .pdf and .tif files, prepared for high-end output. For more information, please review the guidelines.

UV+EB Technology Website

The UV+EB Technology website offers additional advertising opportunities to connect with customers and prospects through strategically placed web banners. The website contains expanded news stories, additional content and live links to industry resources, all connected to the existing RadTech website Ė www.radtech.org.

Online Advertising

Online Advertising Sizes

Width Height
Lead home page banner 468 pixels 60 pixels
Secondary home page banner 234 pixels 60 pixels
Skyscraper 160 pixels 350 pixels

• Lead Home Page Banner
Three ad positions available per month.
Located in the upper right-hand column of the UV+EB Technology home page and other internal pages of the website, this prime position advertising opportunity provides advertisers immediate, forefront exposure with direct links to their website.

• Secondary Home Page Banner
One ad position available per month.
A secondary home page banner is available above the first fold of the right column.

• Skyscraper
One ad position available per month.
Located in the upper right column of the Articles page, this is a prime position for a frequently visited area of the site and includes a direct link to the advertiserís website.

• Supplier Index
Print advertisers are listed at no additional charge in a supplier index on the UV+EB Technolgy website and are categorized by product or service offered, including company name, contact information and web address with a direct link to the advertiserís website.

UV+EB Technology ENews

The UV+EB Technology ENews is distributed to over 8,000 UV/EB industry professionals throughout the North American marketplace each month, providing:

  • Up-to-date industry news
  • Fresh technical content
  • Product launches and technology trends
  • Conference and event updates for RadTech

This cost-effective advertising vehicle offers another way to reach the UV/EB audience and drive traffic through direct links to the advertiserís website and/or specific landing pages.

ENews Advertising

ENews Advertising Sizes

Width Height
Leaderboard 600 pixels 75 pixels
Prime Half Banner 240 pixels 120 pixels
Standard Half Banner 240 pixels 120 pixels

• Leaderboard Ad
Located directly under the ENews masthead, this prime advertising opportunity provides advertisers instant, maximum exposure with direct links to their websites.

• Prime Half Banner Ad
Located directly under the first story, this prime-positioned advertising opportunity provides advertisers with immediate, forefront exposure with direct links to their websites. Two side-by-side spots are available per month.

• Standard Half Banner Ad
Located under the first set of industry updates, this advertising opportunity provides additional exposure with direct links to advertiser websites. Two side-by-side spots are available per month.

Required Formats
Send all banners as .jpg files only. Animated files will not be accepted.
Files should be at least 72 dpi and RGB color.