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Sun Chemical Expands High Chroma Dispersions Portfolio

UV+EB Technology

Sun Chemical Performance Pigments, Cincinnati, Ohio, expanded its portfolio of high chroma dispersions for energy curable inkjet inks to now include particle sizes that are smaller than 150nm (microns).

The smaller particle sizes increase the strength and color gamut allowing for bolder color and more hues, while maintaining particle size stability and ink filtration. Previously branded as SpectraRAY® IJ dispersions, Sun Chemical now markets the product line under the Jetsperse® UV brand name.

The rebranded Jetsperse UV for energy curable inkjet inks naturally fits with Sun Chemicalís Jetsperse family of dispersions for inkjet. Jetsperse UV delivers formulators maximum flexibility in their formulations and is provided in full color sets for both propoxylated neopentyl glycol diacrylate (PO-NPGDA) and 2-phenoxyethyl acrylate (2-PEA) monomers. Jetsperse UV preparations are delivered in easy-to-handle pails, drums and totes to provide improved shelf stability.

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