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Sirrus’ Issued Patent Portfolio Continues to Accelerate

UV+EB Technology

Sirrus, Inc., Loveland, Ohio, has announced it has been issued its 50th global patent, all relating to its 1,1-dicarbonyl substituted alkene monomer technology. The company’s intellectual property portfolio includes a broad range of both composition of matter and method patents — the first of which was awarded in December 2013.

1,1-dicarbonyl substituted alkenes are electron-deficient monomers that polymerize with very little to no energy input. Also, being disubstituted affords the ability to vary functional groups offering greater control of polymer properties. Sirrus’s core monomer and macromer products — Chemilian™ and Forza™ — have near-term applications in adhesives, sealants and coatings. Other promising applications for malonate technology are supported by the company’s intellectual property portfolio and ongoing development work with formulation partners.

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