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RadTech Celebrates SCAQMD Decision

UV+EB Technology

A recent South Coast Air Quality Management District (SCAQMD) decision regarding a proposed Marine Coatings (Rule 1106) lead to the organization's board scrapping the proposed rule. Not only did the SCAQMD Board think the rule would be a bad idea for the UV/EB industry, but in the unprecedented 8-2 decision they went a step further in dropping the proposed rule in its entirety.

RadTech International North America expressed opposition to the proposal based on the fact that the rule was not grounded on emission reduction, and the administrative reporting requirements associated with the proposed rule would have been expansive, costly and would have served as a barrier for doing business in Southern California. The staff report specifically stated: “The proposed administrative amendment is not expected to yield any additional VOC reductions... The average Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) limit in the proposed rule is 464 grams per liter, and our materials have less than 50 grams per liter. We made the case that our manufacturers are voluntarily providing the district with an extra 400 grams per liter of VOC reductions and, yet, we were still going to be subjected to the overly prescriptive reporting requirements in 1106.”

RadTech thanks all who helped this effort succeed, including Doug Delong of DDU Enterprises, who gave an impassioned testimony in support of the industry, as well as and the many members who submitted written comments during the process. For more information, contact Rita Loof, RadTech’s director of environmental affairs.