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Issue 4, 2017

Seeing Clearly with 3D-Printed Lenses
By Amos Dudley, applications engineer, and Jon Bruner, director, digital factory, Formlabs

Three-Dimensional and Uniform UV Curing Using Integrating Sphere Technology
By Thomas Efsen, Managing Director, Efsen UV & EB Technology

RadTech Reaches Out to UV/EB Students, Future Leaders
By Brittany Willes, UV+EB Technology

FDA Weighs In on UV Curing Nail Lamps
By Doug Schoon, president, Schoon Scientific

Non-Reciprocity of Exposure of UV-Curable Materials and the Implications for System Design
By R. W. Stowe, UV applications engineering consultant, Heraeus Noblelight America LLC

The Effect of Different Curing Methods on Tack-Free Curing
By Amelia Davenport, Mike Idacavage and Neil Cramer, Colorado Photopolymer Solutions

Photopolymerization Fundamentals Event Convenes in Colorado
By Darryl Boyd, US Naval Research Laboratory, and Mike Idacavage, Colorado Photopolymer Solutions

Ink Migration and Food Safety Take Center Stage at Inaugural RadTech Packaging Conference
By Richard Romano, What They Think

UV Curing Technology Question & Answer
By R.W. Stowe, UV applications engineering consultant, Heraeus Noblelight America LLC

Innovations: A Look at Industry Advances
By Nick Talken, Senior Chemist, Molecule Corp., and Paul Snowwhite, CEO, Applied Molecules

Association News
By RadTech International North America

Regulatory News
By Doreen M. Monteleone and Rita Loof, RadTech International North America

Issue 3, 2017

Advances in Energy Cure Inkjet
By Dene Taylor and Vince Cahill, SPF-Inc.

Utilizing Fourier Transform Infrared for Development and Quality Assurance of Cure Chemistries
By Nasreen Khan and Shakher Puntambeker, Dunmore Corporation

Design of a Blue LED Array for Curing Fiberglass-Reinforced Composite
By Mark S. Driscoll, SUNY-ESF; Yunyun Bi, SUNY-ESF; Robert W. Meyer, SUNY-ESF; Jennifer Smith, SUNY-ESF; L. Scott Larsen, NYSERDA

FSEA Gold Leaf Awards Celebrate Best Work in UV Coatings
By Dianna Brodine, UV+EB Technology

Redesign of Energy-Curable Waterborne Polyurethane Dispersions for Inkjet Applications
By Jo Ann Arceneaux, allnex USA, Inc.; Michel Tielemans, allnex Belgium; Kevin Poelmans, allnex Belgium; Laurence Boutreau, allnex Belgium

Regulatory Point of View: UV/EB Inks and Coatings
By Eric F. Greenberg, Eric F. Greenberg P.C.

Glass Artist Employs UV Technology to Create Stunning Designs
By Nancy Cates, UV+EB Technology

UV+EB Packaging Conference 2017
By UV+EB Technology

RadTech Sponsors UV LED Symposium in China
By UV+EB Technology

UV Curing Technology Question & Answer
By R.W. Stowe, Heraeus Noblelight America LLC

Association News
By RadTech International North America

Regulatory News
By Doreen M. Monteleone and Rita Loof, RadTech International North America

Issue 2, 2017

UV Q&A: Which is more important Ė irradiance or exposure?
By R.W. Stowe, UV Applications Engineering Consultant Heraeus Noblelight America LLC

EB Q&A: Is there a technique to evaluate the performance of low-voltage electron beam processors?
By Im Rangwalla, Market Development Manager, Energy Sciences, Inc.

Photoinitiator Selection for LED-Cured Coatings
By Michael Wyrostek, Director of Sales and Marketing and Matthew Salvi, Hampford Research

Emerging UV Curing Applications in Additive Manufacturing
By Dianna Brodine, managing editor, UV+EB Technology

Floor Coatings with UV LED Curing: A Focus on Performance and Properties
By Gary Sigel, Ph.D., Senior Principle Scientist, Armstrong Flooring

uv.eb WEST 2017 Celebrates Record Attendance
UV+EB Technology

Total Measured Optic Response: A New Approach to UV LED Measurement
By Jim Raymont, Joe May, Mark Lawrence and Paul Mills, EIT Instrument Markets

Microfabrication of Riblets for Drag Reduction: A Novel UV Approach Utilizing Photolithographic Methods
By H. Bilinsky, CEO, MicroTau Pty Ltd.

Regulatory News

Association News

Issue 1, 2017

Q&A: How Can the Orientation of UV Lamps in a 3D Curing System be Described?
by R.W. Stowe, UV Applications Engineering Consultant, Heraeus Noblelight America LLC

Q&A: What are the most common consumable costs when operating a low-energy EB system?
by Anthony Carignano, Director, Sales Ė Americas, ebeam Technologies

Cationic Curing of Automotive Coatings
By Cynthia Templeman, Senior Engineer, Toyota Motor North America Research & Development

The Importance of Controlling Coating Temperature in UV Applications
by Michael R. Bonner, vice president of Engineering and Technology, Saint Clair Systems, Inc.

Outlook for Transportation Coatings and the Role of UV/EB
by Mary Ellen Rosenberger, founder/managing partner, Bayspring Solutions LLC

The Growing Viability of UV LED for Automotive and Transportation Applications
by Jennifer Heathcote, regional sales manager, Phoseon Technology

UV-Curable High Refractive Index Monomers and Oligomers for Optical Films
by Woogeun Kim, Yongjun Cho, Sungseo Cho, Won Bae and Paul Elias, Miwon Specialty Chemical Co. Ltd.

EHS Guide Enhances Safety for Users of UV-Curable 3D Printing
by Nancy Cates, contributing writer, UV+EB Technology

Regulatory News

Association News

Issue 4, 2016

Q&A: What is Important to Monitor in a Production UV Curing Process?
by R.W. Stone, Heraeus Noblelight America LLC

Universities Prepare Students for UV/EB Research, Application
by Nancy Cates, contributing writer

UV Technology for Composite Finishing at RSW Distribution
by Brittany Willes, contributing writer

Molded UV Glass Optics Can Improve UV LED Irradiance Uniformity for Curing Applications
by Brian Jasenak, Adam Willsey and James Forish, Kopp Glass

Profit through Sustainable Innovation at the 2016 Printing Industry Sustainability Conference
by Doreen M. Monteleone, RadTech North America

Electron Beam Curing Properties of Waterborne Monomer and Polymer Materials
by Stephen C. Lapin and Kathryn E. Classon, PCT Engineered Systems, a division of ebeam Technologies, Comet Group

Industry and Academic Collaboration on Display at Photopolymerization Event
by UV+EB Technology

Photoinitiators: Challenges in Food Packaging Applications
by Dr. Peter Eladio Ludwig and Dr. Alexander Johannes Ossenbach, Schmid Rhyner AG

Visible Light Curing of Fiberglass-Reinforced Ballistic Panels Based on Epoxy Acrylate Resin
by Yunyun Bi, Mark S. Driscoll and Robert W. Meyer, SUNY ESF; L. Scott Larsen, New York State Energy Research and Development

Regulatory News
by Doreen M. Monteleone and Rita Loof, RadTech International North America

Association News
by UV+EB Technology

Issue 3, 2016

Q&A: EB-Curing and Digital Printing Technology
by Stephen C. Lapin, Ph.D., Industry Consultant, SCLapin Consulting LLC

Q&A: Whatís in a Word? Notes on the RadTech UV Glossary
by R.W. Stowe, Director of Applications Engineering, Heraeus Noblelight America LLC

RadTech 2016 UV/EB Technology Conference and Exhibition
by UV+EB Technology

Recent Advances in Low Viscosity, Low Migration, Fast Curing UV/EB Resin Technology
by Paul Share, senior product development scientist, printing and packaging, BASF Corporation

Electron Beam Cross-Linking of Polyolefin Films for Various Packaging Applications
by Im Rangwalla, market development manager, Energy Sciences Inc.

Advances in Electron Beam Curing in Wide Web Flexible Package Printing
by David A. Biro and Jim Bishop, Sun Chemical, USA

Design of New 3-ketocoumarins for UV LED Curing
by Andrea Bernini Freddi, Marika Morone and Gabriele Norcini, IGM Resins, Gerenzano (VA), Italy

Combining Oxiranes and Oxetanes to Enhance Kinetics and Improve Physical Properties
by Sara M. Kaalberg and Julie L. P. Jessop, Department of Chemical & Biochemical Engineering, University of Iowa

Regulatory News
by Doreen M. Monteleone, Ph.D., director of sustainability & EHS initiatives, RadTech International North America

Association News
by RadTech International North America

Issue 2, 2016

Q&A: UV-Curing Technology
By R.W. Stowe, Director of Applications Engineering, Heraeus Noblelight America LLC

Q&A: EB-Curing Technology
By Stephen C. Lapin, Ph.D., BroadBeam Applications Specialist, PCT Engineered Systems, division of ebeam Technologies, Comet Group

Raw Material Strategies for Food Packaging Compliance
By Susan E. Bailey, Ph.D., technical manager - North America, IGM Resins

Most Recent Developments in UV-Curable Soft-Touch Coatings
By Xavier Drujon, Lisa Spagnola, Gunter Moeller, Sartomer

Simultaneous Monitoring of Property Development and Reactive Group Conversion in Photopolymer Systems
By Parag K. Shah, Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering, University of Colorado Boulder and Jeffrey W. Stansbury, Department of Craniofacial Biology, School of Dental Medicine, University of Colorado Denver

Heat-Resistant, UV-Curable Clearcoat for Aircraft Exteriors
By Richard W. Baird, senior chemical engineer and project manager, The Boeing Company

Understanding Ultraviolet LED Wavelength
By Mike Higgins, east regional sales manager, Phoseon

RadTech Winter Meeting
By Dianna Brodine, managing editor, UV+EB Technology

Regulatory News

Association News

Issue 1, 2016

New Oligomers for 3D Printing Inks
By Heather Francis, chemist, and Ahmet Nebioglu, R&D manager, Dymax Corporation

Upward Movement in the UV-Curable 3D Printing Industry
By Dianna Brodine, managing editor, UV+EB Technology

The Development of Low-Energy Electron Beam Technology for Automotive Interior Plastic Coating Applications
By Anthony Carignano, business development and strategic marketing specialist

New Material for Improved Adhesion in a Variety of Substrates
By Mike J. Idacavage, vice president, business development, Colorado Photopolymer Solutions

New York State Vehicle Composites Program Update
By Tony Berejka, radiation processing and polymer technology consultant

Digital Printing with UV Inks: Catching a Wave of Demand
By Jacqueline Liger, marketing manager, Cefla North America

RadTech Hosts Successful UV LED 2015

RadTech Europe Conference Explored UV/EB Now

Photopolymerization Fundamentals 2015

EB-Curing Technology Question & Answer: How Does Electron Beam Treatment Affect Polymer Substrates?
By Stephen C. Lapin, Ph.D., PCT Engineered Systems, division of Ebeam Technologies, Comet Group

UV-Curing Technology Question & Answer: Why ALL the Data? Radiometers as Diagnostic Tools
By R.W. Stowe, director of applications engineering, Heraeus Noblelight America LLC

Association News

Industry News

Technology Showcase

Regulatory News

Patent Watch

Issue 4, 2015

Good Vibrations: Ultrasonic Acoustically Assisted Inline Drying for Waterborne Wood Coatings

Modifying and Making Photopolymer Networks with Functional Nanogels

Itís What You Donít See... Care and Cleaning of Radiometer Optics

Trends: UV Coatings in the Digital Era

Waterborne UV-Curable Coatings for Industrial Market Segments

Comparing Traditional UV Systems with UV-LED Systems for UV Curing

UV-Curing Technology Question & Answer

EB-Curing Technology Question & Answer

RadTech Hosts Inaugural Hands-On Surface Curing Workshop

Industry News

Regulatory News

Technology Showcase

Issue 3, 2015

UV Q&A: What is a 'Cure Ladder' and How is it Used in UV Curing?

EB Q&A: What Types of Processes are Possible Using Electron Beam Treatment of Materials?

UV-Inkjet Printing on Food Packaging: State of the Art and Outlook

Cast and Cure: A Game-Changing Decorative Application Process

Next Generation of UV-Curable Cellulose Esters

UV-Activated Reactive Film Adhesives

Mitigation of Oxygen Inhibition in UV-LED, UVA and Low-Intensity UV Cure

Industry News

Regulatory News

Technology Showcase

Issue 2, 2015

Making the Case for UV/EB Sustainability

UV Technology for Surface Protection

Q&A: Flexible Electronics

How a Changing Landscape in Energy Policy is Conducive for UV/EB Cured Products in the Automotive Industry

New York State Vehicle Composites Program

UV/EB Provides Solutions for Automotive Coating Industry Regulations

Q&A: EB-Curing Technology

Q&A: UV-Curing Technology

uv.eb WEST Wrap Up

Regulatory News

Technology Showcase

Issue 1, 2015

Stereolithography: Three Decades of UV Technology Innovation

Improving the Adhesion of UV Liquid and Powder Coatings Using Plasma Treatment

UV-CURING Technology Q&A: Why Donít Technical Data Sheets Specify a UV-Curing System?

EB-CURING Technology Q&A: What are the Fundamental Differences Between UV and EB Technology?

Application Highlight: UV-Cured Floor Coatings in St. Josephís Regional Medical Center

Properties of Silicone Modified UV-Cured Acrylate and Epoxy Coatings Films

Modification of Polymer Substrates Using Electron Beam-Induced Graft Copolymerization

Advancements in UV LED Curing Technology and Solutions for Print

Interaction of Photoexcited Photoinitiators with Nitroxyl Radicals

Association News

Regulatory News