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Dymax Maskant Reduces Processing Time

Dymax Corporation, Torrington, Connecticut, recently introduced SpeedMask®750-SC, a UV/visible light-curable masking resin featuring both temperature and chemical resistance. The cure-on-demand patented See-Cure technology is purple in its uncured state, then transitions to pink to confirm that it has been fully cured. It is tack free for quicker handling, is easily removed through peeling or incineration and leaves no residue after removal on non-porous surfaces. It is recommended for nickel alloys, titanium alloys and cobalt chrome components. For more information, visit

RAHN Launches GENOMER 4379/W in Europe

Switzerland-based RAHN-Group recently debuted GENOMER 4379/W in its European markets, with a plan to launch in the US markets later this year. This product is an aliphatic, physically drying polyurethane dispersion for use primarily in industrial and wood coating applications. It features flexibility, has a low odor and it is sandable after drying. It may be cross-linked with UV-irradiation using a suitable initiator. For more information, visit

Allnex Introduces Resin for UV-Cured Food Packaging Inks, Coatings

Allnex, headquartered in Brussels, Belgium, has added EBECRYL┬« 85 to its portfolio of curable low-migration resins for indirect food contact applications in response to concerns about odor and taste transfer resulting from the migration of resin components. The UV/EB curable resins are carefully selected from raw materials and prepared in production areas in order to prevent cross-contamination. The resin meets ISO 9001 product standards, and in addition to having TSCA and REACH status, is compliant with Nestle’s guidance note and the Swiss Ordinance B-list. It is suited for use in overprint varnishes and flexo, digital and screen printed inks that are cured either with UV or UV LED light. For more information, visit

Ashland’s Innovations in LED Coatings, Adhesives Meet Industry Challenges

Wilmington, Delaware-based Ashland Specialty Ingredients, a unit of Ashland Inc., has commercialized five innovations to meet growing printing and converting demands, as well as increased global regulations for reduced energy consumption in the flexographic narrow-web market. The new products include gloss overprint varnishes (OPVs), matte OPVs, laminating adhesives, pressure-sensitive adhesives and cold foil adhesives. The products meet reduced energy and lower temperature requirements, offer faster line speeds and are designed to cure under LED and traditional mercury-arc lamps. For more information, visit

Heraeus Debuts LED Color Series

Heraeus Noblelight GmbH, based in Hanau, Germany, has developed an LED 2020 color series that comprises UV-curing shiny, two-component screen printing inks suitable for multicolor inline printing. The color series has been developed especially for being cured by UV LED light sources. Using Heraeus technology, printing speeds up to 100 cycles per minute can be achieved. For final color curing, the company offers intensive UVC medium-pressure lamp systems, as well as high-output UV LED systems. Both are able to fully cure several print layers. For more information, visit

Honle Announces Lamp Controller for Water Treatment, Aquatic Facilities

UV energy systems increasingly are being used to treat and disinfect water at wastewater treatment plants and aquatic feature facilities because chemicals are not required as part of the UV disinfection process. Engineers at Honle UV America, Inc., in Marlboro, Massachusetts, developed a multi-lamp controller (MLC) with a modular EPS driver that can control up to 30 Amalgam low pressure UVC lamps individually. Advantages include compact design, energy-savings, less maintenance due to plug connectors and fasteners, optimized electronic lamp ignition and valuable remote diagnosis functions. For more information, visit

DIC Launches Additives for UV-Curable Coating

DIC Corporation, based in Japan, now offers MEGAFACE RS, a series of fluorosurfactant additives designed to be compatible with a variety of resins for UV curing on coating film surfaces. The additives resist oil and water by acting as a stain guard, especially against oily fingerprints. Because the additives have low friction properties, the UV hard coats can prevent scratches. The product can make surfaces smoother and can help coatings last longer. For more information, visit

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