Technology Showcase

Wikoff Color Corporation Introduces Photoflex III

Wikoff Color, Fort Mill, South Carolina, announced the release of Photoflex III, the newest addition to the UV Flexo product lines. This BENZO-free, ITX-free and HDODA-free system provides a high-performance solution to the pharmaceutical, personal care and indirect food packaging markets. Photoflex III exhibits controlled dot gains and sharp print on a variety of substrates. It offers transfer properties on treated films, pressure sensitive labels, in-mold labels, BOPP and paper. This UV Flexo series cure properties include tape adhesion on most treated substrates. Photoflex III also has a low viscosity range for optimum press performance and is capable of running at press speeds up to 500fpm with 300-400wpi bulbs. For more information, visit

UV-LED Illuminators for DLP® Applications Now Provide Over 20W of Optical Power

Innovations in Optics, Inc., Woburn, Massachusetts, has launched its next generation LumiBright™ 3300B UV-LED illuminators for digital light processing (DLP) applications. High optical power over 20W matches the power output of fiber-coupled laser diode bundles. The Model 3300B series of UV-LED Illuminators for DLP comprise a densely packed UV-LED array. Standard LED center wavelengths include 365nm, 375nm, 385nm, 395nm and 405nm. Single or multi-wavelength configurations are available. The combination of different wavelengths optimizes the spectral balance of the exposure for all types of UV-processed materials. For more information, visit

Phoseon Introduces New Curing Solution

Phoseon Technology, Hillsboro, Oregon, has added the FireJet™ FJ240 UV LED curing solution, its highest UV power air-cooled light array. Providing an additional 33 percent of UV power compared to existing FireJet products, the new solution is designed for more demanding single-pass printing and area curing applications. These products are available in 75/150/225/300mm window lengths with 40mm width and peak irradiance up to 8W/ cm2. For more information, visit

Roland DGA Introduces UV Flatbed Printer

Irvine, California-based Roland DGA has introduced the VersaUV LEF-300 to its line of benchtop UV-LED flatbed printers. The LEF’s printing area has been expanded to a width of 30″ and a length of 13″. It has four print heads and two UV-LED lamps and enables bidirectional printing approximately 60 percent faster than the previous model. Users can print on a vast array of substrates, such as PET, ABS and polycarbonate, soft materials and a host of three-dimensional items. It has a built-in vacuum table that helps it hold thin and soft materials in place. The LEF-300 comes equipped with VersaWorks® dual software RIP, and it uses new EUV4 ink – Roland’s proprietary CYMK, White and Clear ECO-UV inks – for premium quality prints. For more information, visit

Systematic Automation Inc. Develops UV LED Spin Cure

Systematic Automation Inc., Farmington, Connecticut, has developed an 18 watts/cm2 irradiance LED curing system for cylindrical products. A unique patented mechanical escapement provides uniform 360-degree cure. Baffle plates fully block stray light for operator comfort and safety. Product diameter can be up to 7.5″ (190 mm) with larger sizes available. The device uses vacuum to secure the cylindrical products to the rotating platen. On long, narrow or hollow products, special tooling inserts into the center of the rotating plates to secure products that do not lend themselves to vacuum hold. For more information, call 860.677.6400 or go to

Allnex Unveils New UV-curable Self-curing Acrylate Resin

EBECRYL® LEO 10103, from Allnex, Brussels, Belgium, is the latest addition to the company’s product range of UV-curable self-curing acrylate resins, which eliminate concerns about the migration of low molecular weight photoinitiators in indirect food packaging applications. This new resin does not contain co-initiators, so ink makers have more freedom-to-formulate for their specific pigment and curing requirements. For more information, visit

Excelitas Technologies Corp. Adds OmniCure AC9 UV LED Curing Systems

Excelitas Technologies® Corp., Waltham, Massachusetts, has introduced OmniCure® AC9 UV LED curing systems for the curing of inks, adhesives and coatings. The OmniCure AC9 features a high-performing, small form-factor, air-cooled solution to enable faster line speeds in industrial manufacturing and printing. The OmniCure AC9150, AC9150P, AC9225, AC9225P, AC9300 and AC9300P UV LED curing systems have advanced front-end optics to provide high power, high peak irradiance and exceptional uniformity, delivering over 14 W/cm2 peak irradiance for fast curing at varying working distances. The three AC9-P versions of the AC9 Series are equipped with a replaceable outer window for easier maintenance in printing applications at close working distances. The scalable design allows for multiple heads to be adjoined for customization and flexibility without compromising on output uniformity. For more information, visit