Dymax Introduces Conformal Coating

Dymax Introduces Conformal Coating

UV+EB Technology


” title=”SUBMITTED The Multi-Cure® 9-20557 is from Dymax, Torrington, Connecticut.”>

The Multi-Cure® 9-20557 is from Dymax, Torrington, Connecticut.

Dymax, Torrington, Connecticut, introduced its Multi-Cure® 9-20557, designed for rapid conformal coating of printed circuit boards and other electronic assemblies.

This MIL-I-46058C listed product is especially formulated to remain on the edges of difficult-to-wet components and sharp leads, while its low modulus allows it to excel in coating applications where thermal shock performance is critical. The Multi-Cure 9-20557 has been optimized for coating thicknesses between 51 (0.002)-510mic (0.020”). This medium-viscosity material, designed to enhance wetting of leads, is compatible with most types of spray equipment. It fluoresces vivid blue when exposed to UV light (365nm) for easy inspection of the coating coverage. In addition, its secondary heat-cure feature allows the coating to cure with heat in applications where shadowed areas exist.

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