Industry Research and Knowledge Available in Digital Archives

Industry Research and Knowledge Available in Digital Archives

UV+EB Technology

In the last year, five issues of UV+EB Technology have explored topics such as stereolithography; UV/EB sustainability; UV/EB in the auto industry; cast and cure process; waterborne UV-curable coatings; digital printing of UV inks; and much more. Prior to the publication of UV+EB Technology, the RadTech Report shared research topics and advances in the industry. Digital archives are available for both of these resources.

UV+EB Technology’s digital archives provide easy access to all of the editorial content from a computer or mobile device. It features direct links to websites and email addresses, creating an easy way to request more information from an author or advertiser. The digital edition can be shared easily with colleagues as well. Articles can be printed, emailed or shared via social media. The magazine also can be downloaded and saved as a PDF.

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