BASF and Essentium Form Partnership

BASF and Essentium Form Partnership

UV+EB Technology

BASF, Florham, New Jersey, and Essentium, College Station, Texas, formed a partnership to enable the creation of more robust parts for use in mass production leveraging fused filament fabrication (FFF) technology, one of the standard techniques of additive manufacturing.

BASF brings to the partnership a comprehensive portfolio of innovative materials in the chemical industry. Essentium will provide its FlashFuse™ electric welding technology, which enhances layer to layer adhesion of 3D printed parts. Both companies are combining their core strengths to provide a range of polymer solutions that overcome the traditional interlayer weakness of 3D printed parts.

The companies are focusing on FFF printing technology because of its ability to use a wide range of thermoplastics; fabricate large, complex parts rapidly and efficiently; and easily combine multi-modality materials in the same print.

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