GEW Releases Ultra-Wide UV Video

GEW Releases Ultra-Wide UV Video

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GEW, headquartered in Crawley, United Kingdom, released a video to illustrate how wide-web converters can benefit from its fully air-cooled NUVA2 UV systems.

The NUVA2 lamphead is available in widths of up to 2.50m and boasts fast switch-on and cool-down cycles, achieving considerable electricity and time savings. It addresses the specific requirements of converters who need to coat substrates in extreme widths.

Likora GmbH in Germany upgraded the final varnishing station on one of its gravure printing lines with the new UV-curing system replacing an older system. To this purpose, it integrated three GEW-made 240cm-wide NUVA2 UV lampheads with RHINO power supply. The three UV lampheads are positioned vertically one after the other to achieve the maximum UV-curing effect.

The UV system is mounted in a custom-designed aluminum frame that integrates a retractable cooling panel and water-cooled quartz window to prevent the heat transfer onto the substrate. The configuration now is able to print and varnish substrates up to 2350mm wide with speeds up to 120m/min and mainly produces finish foils intended for wrapping and laminating on wood-based materials.

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