IMI Europe Bringing Back Inkjet Summer School

IMI Europe Bringing Back Inkjet Summer School

UV+EB Technology

IMI Europe, based in Cambridge, United Kingdom, has announced it is bringing back the Inkjet Drying and Curing course this summer from June 14-15 in Ghent, Belgium.

The course aims to provide all the information necessary regarding fixing inkjet inks, covering near-IR drying, UV curing and electron beam curing hardware, as well as the required chemistry. The course will include contributions from Adphos, Phoseon, Ebeam Technologies and IGM Resins.

The drying section will review the ink drying process, including adhesion, penetration into the substrate, rub resistance and print quality. The differences in behavior on porous and nonporous media will be discussed. Wavelength, absorption characteristics of inks, typical substrates and coatings also will be covered, and the advantages and disadvantages of potential ink drying techniques will be reviewed.

For more information, visit the course page.