Phoseon Technology Achieves Levels of Deep UV Irradiance

Phoseon Technology Achieves Levels of Deep UV Irradiance

UV+EB Technology

Hillsboro, Oregon-based Phoseon Technology has announced that utilizing its patented SLM™ technology and proprietary thermal management system achieves a breakthrough level of deep-UV irradiance targeted at disinfection and decontamination Life Science applications.

Phoseon is the first to develop a 275nm UV LED disinfection system that surpasses 5 W/cm². The levels of deep UV irradiance enable significant process improvements in the field of Life Sciences, including faster analysis and operations, and increased capabilities for disinfection and decontamination applications that require low wavelengths.

High irradiance, combined with appropriate wavelengths, targets specific bonds in DNA, RNA and proteins within microorganisms and biomolecules. This allows shorter inactivation times while improving overall efficacy of the disinfection. The high absolute irradiance of these new solutions enables high-throughput processes in pharmaceutical, sequencing, air handling and manufacturing facilities.

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