Dymax Introduces BlueWave® MX-275

Dymax, Torrington, Connecticut, has introduced the BlueWave® MX-275 high-intensity flood-curing system. Its light energy is delivered in a line pattern instead of the traditional round spot or rectangular flood-curing patterns, to allow for consist curing of batches of parts for maximum productivity.

The system utilizes BlueWave® RediCure®, PrimeCure® or VisiCure® emitters (365, 385 or 405 nm) to quickly cure light-curable materials. A single emitter provides a 5×50 mm curing area, but when paired with a multichannel controller, up to four emitters can be used to produce a curing area as large as 5×200 mm. It offers high uniformity across the entire cure area, and multiple emitters can be positioned to assure uniform curing across the entire multiple-emitter curing area.

This system’s wavelength flexibility (365, 385 and 405 nm) allows co-optimization of adhesive and curing system for optimal cure results. As with other emitters from the MX product family, the BlueWave MX-275 can be set up as a bench-top unit, on an array stand to create extended line patterns or installed on automated curing processing equipment for maximum flexibility. Emitters also can be paired with MX-series single or multichannel controllers.

For more information, visit www.dymax.com.