EnvisionTEC and Sartomer Introduce E-Aquasol 3D Printing Resin

EnvisionTEC, a global developer of professional-grade 3D printing solutions with US offices in Dearborn, Michigan, and Sartomer, a global supplier of specialty chemicals and a business line of Arkema with US headquarters in Exton, Pennsylvania, have introduced E-Aquasol water-soluble printing resin. E-Aquasol resin is designed for use on EnvisionTEC’s proprietary cDLM® 3D printing platform and incorporates Sartomer’s N3xtDimension® UV-curable resin technology.

E-Aquasol resin is ideal for printing molds in a wide variety of industrial applications. The water-soluble 3D printing resin, designed for EnvisionTEC’s proprietary Envision One cDLM® printing platform, allows industrial manufacturers to shell-cast thin-walled parts with high feature resolution. Thanks to its high water solubility, E-Aquasol resin is an optimal choice for users who seek to avoid the use of more aggressive solvents such as caustic.

“Collaboration is at the heart of our 3D Printing Solutions by Arkema platform vision, aiming to identify new opportunities to support successful adoption of additive manufacturing,” said Sumeet Jain, global director for 3D Printing Business, Sartomer. “We are excited and eager to work with EnvisionTEC, a global leader in the manufacturing of production-grade 3D printers, leveraging our material and EnvisionTEC’s 3D printing expertise to bring advanced solutions to the market.”

Al Siblani, CEO, EnvisionTEC, added: “We are excited to collaborate with Sartomer in additive manufacturing materials development. Joining forces to design E-Aquasol resin for our professional-grade Continuous Digital Light Manufacturing DLP 3D printing platform supports our customers in achieving the best end results thanks to the advanced performance properties of this water-soluble material.”

For more information, visit https://envisiontec.com/ and https://americas.sartomer.com/en/.