Phoseon Boosts Power of FireJet™ 800 Series

Phoseon Technology, Hillsboro, Oregon, a manufacturer of UV LED curing solutions, has announced the launch of the FireJet™ FJ801 area curing solution, targeting electronics manufacturing adhesives cure applications and lab material/substrate curing. The new air-cooled solution provides increased power of up to 50% over its predecessor, the J800.

The new FJ801 light source is designed primarily for production lines that require area curing such as micro speakers and camera modules manufacturing. Starting from a base curing area of 100×100 mm, these modular products can scale in three directions, to provide contiguous, uniform UV output. The FJ801 is available in 365nm/385nm/395nm/405nm wavelengths. The FJ801 light source offers process stability with Phoseon’s patented TargetCure™ technology that provides users with precise and predictable UV output.

The FJ801 light source comes with a separate controller that uses a simple, intuitive graphical interface, controlling up to two lamps. The controller display now includes the accumulated time that the UV lamp has been on, as well as lamp temperature.

“TheFJ801 light source has the same excellent uniformity and reliability with FJ800 light source. A higher irradiance provides a faster cure, which improves productivity. In addition, the scalability of the FJ801 provides an ideal solution for large area curing,” stated Rui Zhou, technical marketing engineer. “The FJ801 controller is priced lower than the FJ800 controller but displays more important lamp information to ensure process safety. The controller is backward compatible to the FJ800 lamp too.”

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