RadTech Announces Webinars in November, December

RadTech International North America has announced two free webinars – both with a UV LED focus – to take place in November and December. Registration is open for both webinars. The target audience for the November webinar is narrow web label converters, and the target audience for the December event is mid- and wide web flexible packaging converters.

UV LED in Narrow Web: Why label converters should be actively engaged in process development and implementing UV LED solutions today
Presented by Jennifer Heathcote, Eminence UV, and Jake Staples, Ashland
1-2 p.m. CT Thursday, Nov. 7

Details and registration

Target audience: Narrow web label converters. Those with a baseline understanding of LED curing who want to understand the technology and coating/adhesive applications at a deeper level, as well as the potential value to a converters’ bottom line.

Webinar overview: UV LED technology has become a viable narrow web curing option. This reflects 10 years of steadily growing market share and collaborative industry activity among converters and suppliers. While most narrow web converters are now aware of UV LED technology and are specifically requesting that it be included as an option in new press and curing system upgrade proposals, many remain uncertain as to how and when UV LED technology should be used. The result is that while some converters are embracing 100% LED, others lack the confidence which comes with direct personal use and remain loyal to conventional mercury technology. Splitting the difference are converters who opt for hybrid curing solutions that allow mercury-arc and LED systems to run interchangeably at each station, thus enabling converters to have a more controlled transition to UV LED.

UV LED for Wide-Web, Flexible Packaging: What every flexible packaging converter should know about UV LED technology and how it will impact the flexible packaging market and your business
Presented by Jennifer Heathcote, Eminence UV, and Joe Spinnato, Ashland
1-2 p.m. CT Thursday, Dec. 5

Details and registration

Target audience: Mid- and wide-web flexible packaging converters. Those looking for an introduction to UV LED technology (systems, coatings, adhesives) and its impact on migration, sustainability and a converters’ bottom line.

Webinar overview: UV LED technology is now the dominant curing source in various industry segments, including digital inkjet printing and spot cure adhesives. In other markets, such as narrow web label, UV LED technology is an increasingly viable option for both new presses and retrofits and has been steadily gaining market share with respect to conventional mercury lamps for the past 10 years. Advancements in all early adopter applications are being leveraged to push UV LED curing into wide web flexible packaging where many converters are still largely unfamiliar with the technology. The long list of UV LED curing benefits and its growing preference in first mover markets suggest that UV LED will eventually dominate the world of wide-web converting. So, what should flexible packaging converters know about UV LED curing technology today and what does it really mean for the future of wide web applications?