Heraeus Noblelight to Showcase Solutions at RadTech/IUVA 2020 (March 8-11)

Heraeus Noblelight America, LLC, headquartered in Hanau, Germany, a producer of specialty light sources and systems, will showcase its solutions at the RadTech 2020 Exhibit, Booth #401.

Highlights at RadTech 2020 Exhibit, Booth #401

Market introductions of new UV LED systems

  • New UV LED curing solution designed specifically for optical fiber drawing, wire and cable applications, the Semray® UV PC6003.
  • New high power Semray® UV5000 and UV7000 UV LED curing systems, operating at 23 W/cm2 and 30 W/cm2 respectively.

Demonstrating intelligent, Industry 4.0 ready UV curing solution

  • Heraeus Noblelight’s intelligent and Industry 4.0 ready microwave-powered UV curing system LightHammer® 10 Mark III and real-time monitoring software AIMS (Advanced Intelligent Monitoring System). Using advanced sensor technology inside the lamp head with a smart power supply and the AIMS software, end users can monitor and analyze UV curing system data in real time. Users can reduce downtime, compare operations across and within plants to improve maintenance practices, and improve product quality and production rates as a result of analyzing this UV system data.
  • Semray® UV LED modular plug & play UV curing system on both bench top and floor standing conveyors ideal for laboratory testing and small scale production. See for yourself how a drop-in boot makes it easy to integrate the Semray UV4103 system on existing LC6 bench top conveyors.

IR for hybrid curing or drying applications

  • Infradry, the latest IR technology ideal for hybrid UV/IR curing applications such as for water based inks and coatings. Combining IR radiation and air management, Infradry modules can be used in combination with UV or as standalone drying for efficient removal of moisture.

UV disinfection for food packaging

  • BlueLight® Hygienic System, the latest UV disinfection solution for the food packaging industry. This third generation disinfection platform reduces energy costs as much as 90%, eliminates the need for chemicals, is Industry 4.0 ready and IP66 rated to meet the food packaging industry clean-in-place requirements.


Highlights at 2020 IUVA Pavilion Exhibit, Booth A

UVC for water and air disinfection

  • Wide selection of environmentally-friendly UVC lamps for reliable and effective water and air disinfection. Heraeus Noblelight amalgam lamps with Longlife Technology provide up to 90% of the UVC output even after 16,000 hours of operation.

UV LED for Analytical measurements

  • FiberLight® L3, the first broadband UV LED light source module for analytical measurement instruments such as UV-Vis Spectroscopy used for water and air quality monitoring and analysis. Its low power consumption and compact size make it ideal for mobile analytical measurement instruments.


Technical presentations during RadTech/IUVA Conferences

On Monday:

  • “Curing with Multi-Wavelength LEDs” with Brett Skinner, RadTech 2020 Conference
  • “Optic concepts for UV LED lamps at long working distances” with Thorsten Vehoff, RadTech 2020 Conference

On Tuesday:

  • “Application of Intelligent System Data to Curing Processes” with Darrin Leonhardt, RadTech 2020 Conference
  • “IIoT Enabled Smart UV Systems” with Mike Gharagozloo, RadTech 2020 Conference
  • “Bluelight® Hygenic System: Latest UV solution for surface disinfection of food packaging” with Johannes Kraft, 2020 IUVA Conference

For more information, visit www.heraeus.com.