UV+EB Technology Magazine Calls for Article Submissions

UV+EB Technology is the official publication of RadTech International North America, the association for the advancement of UV/EB curing technology. As the magazine prepares for its four quarterly issues in 2021, authors are invited to submit technical papers for consideration. Readers of the magazine include users of UV/EB technology in a variety of industries; suppliers of UV/EB equipment and raw materials; formulators of UV/EB inks, coatings and adhesives; consultants; educators and researchers.

For those interested in submitting an article for consideration, the issue focuses are detailed below. For additional information, contact Managing Editor Dianna Brodine at [email protected] or by calling 785.271.5801.

Issue 1 2021
• Industries: Plastics and Composites, Wood Finishing
• Focuses: Adhesion, UV-Curable Chemistry

Issue 2 2021
• Industries: Electronics, Transportation
• Focuses: LED Technologies, Lightweighting

Issue 3 2021
• Industries: Print and Packaging
• Focuses: Sustainability, Inks & Coatings

Issue 4 2021
• Industries: Medical/Biomedical, 3D Printing
• Focuses: Health & Safety, Measurement & Testing