BASF Reveals Investment Plans

BASF Reveals Investment Plans

UV+EB Technology


As part of a global investment of more than $200 million in its plastic additives business, BASF is expanding capacity at its manufacturing site in McIntosh, Alabama.

BASF, Florham, New Jersey, recently announced its plans to invest more than $200 million in its plastic additives business worldwide.

Part of this investment will focus on strengthening its manufacturing footprint in North America by investing in its McIntosh, Alabama, site to support market growth. The investment will expand the production capacity of light stabilizers, namely the Tinuvin product line. Tinuvin UV absorbers (UVAs) prevent degradation of both plastics and coatings by filtering out harmful UV radiation. BASF’s capital investment to increase the production capacity of Benzotriazoles (BTZs), in particular will better serve the global needs of its customers in plastics and coatings.

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