Nestlé Featured on UV/EB Food Packaging Panel at RadTech 2016

Dr. Stephen Klump, head of Packaging Quality & Safety for Nestlé, will share the latest from the Nestlé packaging safety and compliance program as part of a panel discussion on food packaging at RadTech 2016 UV+EB Technology Conference and Exhibition, May 16-18 in Rosemont (Chicago), Illinois.

In addition to Dr. Klump, panelists include Nick Ivory of Sun Chemical, Peter Walther of Siegwerk and Don Duncan, Wikoff Color and recent president of RadTech. Planned panel topics include migration definitions, limits, testing and the various approaches among countries and regions in addressing migration concerns. Safety issues vs. customer perception also will be explored.

“Migration issues are the absolutely hottest topic in packaging for food, pharmaceuticals and tobacco, and there are many opinions about what should be done,” said Duncan. “We will attempt to distill those and separate fact from fiction, as well as separate legitimate concerns (either technical, health or marketing) from panic and paranoia.””

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SAE World Congress to Include RadTech Programming

RadTech is revving efforts to advance UV/EB with the automotive industry by preparing an impressive program of presentations for the upcoming SAE World Congress and Exhibition, which will take place April 12-14, 2016, in Detroit, Michigan.

The program will tout UV/EB developments in novel materials and processes – as the automotive and related sectors move toward electronics-enabled products, energy reduction and lightweighting. RadTech will showcase improvements provided by UV/EB, including reduced GHG, VOC and HAP emissions; improved manufacturing cycle time; small footprint manufacturing; speedy manufacturing and prototype development; and additive manufacturing – all contributing to a revolution in manufacturing.

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RadTech Develops Relationship with NIST MEP to Advance UV/EB

To better inform manufacturers about the benefits and opportunities associated with using UV and EB technology, RadTech has established relationships on both the national and state level with the National Institute of Science & Technology (NIST) Hollings Manufacturing Extension Partnership (MEP). MEP is a nationwide system of centers located in all 50 states and Puerto Rico. With more than 440 service locations, the MEP network has more than 1,200 field staff serving as business advisors and technical experts. To best serve their customers, these experts need to know the latest advancements in manufacturing, such as those associated with UV and EB technology. It is RadTech’s intention to provide information to the MEPs in a variety of formats to provide tools for manufacturers to explore UV and EB options.

By partnering with MEP centers, RadTech will reach a new audience of manufacturers to provide information about the technology, learning opportunities such as the online courses offered by the Radiation Curing Program at SUNY-ESF ( and information-gathering events hosted by RadTech. RadTech will be creating additional opportunities to network with MEP staff and foster the relationship.

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RadTech Initiates Resource Bureau to Increase Flow of Information to Potential End-Users

The new RadTech Resource Bureau (RRB) is being developed to increase and enhance interactions with current and potential users of UV/EB technology. RadTech’s members were asked to consider adding their names to a list of individuals willing to communicate advancements and opportunities in UV/EB technology to others. Essentially, the RRB will be a compilation of UV/EB industry experts who offer topics they can share by giving presentations, writing articles and fact sheets or being a resource to answer technical questions.

The RRB is part of an overall initiative to reach out to new audiences. Those offering expertise may be affiliated with end-user associations, colleges and universities, government agencies and technical assistance providers. These organizations interact with individuals who are either entering or already in the workforce and would benefit by obtaining the latest information in the field of radiation curing technology. An extensive organizational contact list is under development, and RadTech will be exploring ways to interact with each.

RadTech members who would like to participate in the RRB are encouraged to submit information at any time using the online form at Multiple topics can be submitted. If you have questions or ideas on how to improve the flow of information to others, contact Doreen M. Monteleone at