UV LED Curing – The Countermeasure to the Expanding Energy Crisis

Learn how UV LED curing technology can have a positive impact on the use of energy in today’s manufacturing environments – saving both costs and the use of energy.

How the electrical grid and global sustainability initiatives are triggering a shift to UV LED curing.

Proponents of UV LED curing systems have long claimed the technology reduces energy costs for manufacturers, lowers carbon footprint, and presents a strong ROI. But do you actually know what is behind these claims? How is UV LED curing sustainable and how does it really affect operating costs? The answer can be found in the electrical grid and contemporary global energy policies. Join us August 2nd for an insightful presentation by Jennifer Heathcote of GEW (EC) Limited. Jennifer dives into the structure and operation of the electrical grid and explains how UV LED curing reduces installed power, peak demand, electricity consumption during operation, and carbon footprint. She explains how the impact of net zero policies on the electrical grid is the real driver behind the increasing rate of UV LED curing adoption and how she expects these policies to further accelerate growth of LED technology over coming years. This topic has never been presented with this level of detail to users of UV curing technology. Jennifer’s presentation will give you a whole new perspective on sustainability and could likely justify your own transition to UV LED curing.

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