RadTech Sponsors UV LED Symposium in China

On June 2, UV LED Symposium, hosted by both RadTech China and RadTech International North America, was successfully held in Guangzhou, China.

As an emerging environmentally friendlier technology, UV LED is gaining momentum in China, thanks to the government’s initiative of addressing pollution issues with “green manufacturing.” Sponsored by Guangdong Industrial University, DSM Functional Materials and Foshan Yangguang Yicai Coatings Inc., the UV LED Symposium attracted nearly 240 attendees from 129 companies (114 domestic and 15 foreign).

Twelve talks were given during the one-day event, covering a wide range of UV LED-related topics. These included market analysis; light source and equipment; photoinitiator development; raw materials, such as UV LED resins; and UV LED-curable coatings and inks.

A panel Q & A session was held after the talks, and the invited experts shared their thoughts about UV LED’s outlook, chip selection, energy conversion efficiency and photoinitiator selection, among other topics. It’s worth noting that UV LED technology is expanding well beyond radiation cure. For example, the use of UV LED UVC for water treatment is of great interest, and the panel discussion focused on the potential cost reduction of UV LED UVC chips, which would make such technology commercially feasible.

Representing RadTech International North America was current board member Dr. Xiaosong Wu, giving both opening remarks and a talk on UV LED-curable coating development.

RadTech China is grateful for the collaboration from RadTech International North America, which made this international Symposium a reality. Five of the 12 symposium talks were from either US companies or their subsidiaries in China. Both RadTech organizations expressed strong interest and intention to continue such collaboration in the future.