At RadTech’s 2020 UV+EB Technology Conference, set to take place March 8-11, 2020, at Disney Coronado Springs in Orlando, Florida, more than 100 presentations on the latest innovations in UV LEDs, 3D printing materials, printing and packaging, coatings, formulations and more will be featured. The event also offers academic educational opportunities in undergrad- and graduate-level polymer chemistry and a course on Design of Experiments. The expo and conference, the world’s largest UV/EB industry event, also will include more than 80 exhibitors demonstrating the application of this exciting technology.

Two unique opportunities exist for innovators in the UV, UV LED or electron beam curing space: the Emerging Technology Awards and the RadLaunch Tech Accelerator.

Emerging Technology Awards

RadTech is accepting nominations for the biennial UV+EB Emerging Technology awards. Self-nominations are welcome. Over the past several years, RadTech has recognized a wide range of applications from 3D printing/additive manufacturing to floor coatings to novel electronics to unique uses for automotive and aerospace.

A committee selects award winners among end users of the technology, based on new, promising and/or novel use of UV and/or electron beam. End users are defined as any company that uses UV and/or EB to make a finished product or otherwise utilizes UV or EB as a novel way for disinfection.

RadTech now is partnering with the International Ultraviolet Association (IUVA) and welcomes entries for disinfection and public health applications. Past award winners include: Dentsply, Eastern Michigan University, Lumii Displays, HRL Labs, the Johnson County School District, Gillette-Proctor and Gamble, Total Door, Toyota, Ford Motor Company, General Motors, 3M, the US Air Force, Breit Technologies, Columbia Forest Products and Mohawk Industries.

RadLaunch Tech Accelerator

Start-ups, academics, students, and innovators are invited to apply for the RadLaunch Tech Accelerator, now in its 3rd year. Cash awards, travel grants and outreach opportunities will be made available for novel work with ultraviolet and electron beam processes (UV/EB). New innovations in materials, optics, design and data are propelling UV/EB in additive manufacturing/3D printing, inkjet, food packaging, automotive, medical and electronics applications. RadTech created RadLaunch in recognition of the growing importance of the technology with the digitization of manufacturing and requirements for safe, clean, rapid processes.

RadTech has expanded the competition to include the use of UV for disinfection, partnering with the International Ultraviolet Association (IUVA) Americas Conference. IUVA focuses on public health and the environment, with a special focus on water, food and beverage and health care.

Evidence of an early prototype, minimal viable product or proof of concept is expected. Evidence of an early prototype, minimal viable product or proof of concept is expected. Applicants are asked to develop a video and/or article presenting the concept and prototype work, highlighting the importance of UV/EB technology.

RadLaunch 2020 finalists will win cash and trip assistance to speak and present at RadTech 2020 and IUVA Americas 2020. Emerging Technology Award winners are asked to attend as well in order to appear at the event’s award dinner. For more information and to apply, visit and