RadTech Sustainability Awards, Opportunities for Everyone

2024 will be an exciting year for RadTech with the approach of the RadTech 2024 conference in Orlando. There will be many great opportunities for the members to take part in, whether by creating a presentation, attending the event or exhibiting – and possibly winning the RadTech Sustainability award. There are multiple ways the members can truly showcase their great uses and development of UV/EB technology.

This year, the Sustainability award will look a little different. Instead of only focusing on the end users of energy-curable technology, as it did at RadTech 2022, the committee has decided to open the award up to all users of the technology. Whether it be suppliers of raw materials, formulators, lamp manufacturers or any other link in the supply chain, everyone will have the opportunity to be recognized for their efforts in sustainability. This is an important award to RadTech because UV/EB technology always has been a sustainable choice for technical development, and this award truly demonstrates our ongoing efforts to promote all users of the technology.

The categories are as follows:

1. Supplier – Customer-Based Sustainable Benefits

What are you, as a supplier, doing to provide your customers with a sustainable product? This could be any number of sustainable benefits. Ideas could include, but are not limited to, your product helps reduce carbon emissions or utilized recycled materials; your process has high energy efficiency, reduces harmful air pollutants or uses raw materials that are more sustainable, such as biobased materials; reducing energy usage in creation of products; advancements in R&D to further UV/EB technology; or any other customer-based benefit your company has provided for sustainable innovation. Data to support these claims will be favorable in the award process but are not required.

2. Supplier – Operational-Based Sustainable Benefits

What is your company doing internally to drive sustainable innovation? This could be facilities-based change (e.g. new light bulbs, energy-efficient heating and cooling, use of renewable energy or any building upgrade), a new development in your sustainability reporting, working in the community to help vulnerable populations, creating a unique eco-conscious working environment or anything that the employees of the company do for the benefit of creating a more sustainably mindful business.

3. End User

This is for any end user of UV/EB technology who sees sustainable advantages from using the technology. Some examples can be converting to UV/EB from a conventional technology; proudly promoting the technology for the numerous sustainable benefits; winning local, state or federal recognition for using UV/EB; or any reason the end user has benefited from the use of UV/EB technology.

The submissions will be reviewed by the sustainability award committee, which is composed of members of RadTech. They will determine the winners, and the awards will be presented in Orlando at RadTech 2024.

If you think your business or company could be a candidate for the RadTech Sustainability Award, please do not hesitate to submit an application or email cara@radtech.org for more information.

Cara Bommarito
Sustainability Manager, RadTech