RadTech Participates in AWA Conference

RadTech Participates in AWA Conference

UV+EB Technology

RadTech International North America partnered with AWA Alexander Watson Associates to organize and host the Technology, Conversion and End-Use Session, which focused on UV/EB technologies, during the International Fiber/Wood-based Panels Conference last November.

This inaugural event attracted a cross-section of industry participants from across the value chain. One feature of the conference was a technology session on day two hosted by RadTech International North America, the association for UV/EB curing technology. Gary Cohen, executive director, chaired the session that delivered three presentations.

  • Laurie Morris, senior chemist, Alberdingk Boley, Inc., talked about waterborne UV coatings for engineered wood products.
  • Michael Knoblauch, president, Keyland Polymer Ltd., spoke about UV-cured powder coatings and some of the challenges and opportunities they provide.
  • Chris Mirt, director of new customer development, R&D Coatings Inc., discussed the economic and production benefits of using energy-curable coatings, with specific reference to the enhanced physical properties of cured films and the efficiencies achievable with energy-curing chemistry.

The International Fiber/Wood-Based Panels Conference was the first conference specifically dedicated to addressing the fiber/wood-based panels industry. Cohen commented: “The conference fills an important industry need, and was very successful in presenting a wide range of trends and opportunities, as well as fast-emerging developments in new materials and methods. The event offered a solid foundation for future conferences on this important industry.”

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