IST Metz Named One of Germany’s Best Training Companies

Capital, a German-language monthly business magazine, recently named 154 companies “Germany’s Best Trainers.” With 18 points, IST Metz, based in Nürtingen, was one of the companies to receive the award and obtained four out of five stars.

More than 700 human resource managers from all over Germany took part in an evaluation of their training standards, consisting of 60 questions. Participants were large Dax corporations, well-known medium-sized companies and numerous smaller companies. The survey was divided into five categories, which dealt with the support and integrations of trainees in the company. Furthermore, the topics learning in the company, commitment of the company and the future chances of the trainees were evaluated.

The fifth complex dealt with innovative teaching methods that the companies may use. The company information was evaluated using a special points system, whereby up to five points could be achieved in each of the categories.

In 2018, IST Metz employed 19 trainees and one dual student. In addition to professional training, the young people were also involved in the “Social Learning” project in cooperation with the Werkstatt am Neckar in Wendlingen in southern Germany, where they work with mentally disabled people. Other special features during training and studies at IST Metz included joint ventures, team-building measures and participation in dragon boat races or football tournaments.

“We have put together an overall package which, in addition to professional training, is above all about strengthening the sense of community and social skills,” said Melanie Fischer, personnel officer for training and further education at IST Metz.

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