RadTech Young Professionals Committee: Katie Snowwhite

Katie Snowwhite has grown up around the UV/EB industry but began full-time work as market technical coordinator at 7D Innovators just over a year ago. Recently, she has taken on the position of RadTech Young Professionals co-chair and is excited to be working with the young professionals in the UB/EB industry.

RTYP: When did you first learn about UV/EB as an industry and technology?

KS: Ever since I was little, I’ve known about the UV/EB industry. My dad has been doing UV/EB since before I was born, so I grew up with my dad helping with my science homework and showing me all of the cool things he was doing in his lab.

In college, I did take some general chemistry courses, but my interests at the time weren’t in UV/EB. I ended up taking business and political science classes instead. I’ve learned about UV/EB from growing up around it and working for my dad in the lab during the summers. Now I’m learning as I work with UV/EB technologies in the lab full-time.

RTYP: Have you run into any challenges as a young professional?

KS: As a young professional, it sometimes is hard to be taken seriously, especially in the position that I’ve found myself in where I didn’t get a degree in the chemistry field.

RTYP: How do you think we could encourage more young professionals to get involved in UV/EB technology?

KS: I think that to encourage more young professionals to become involved and interested in UV/EB, we need to share the cool things that are being worked on and invented. Showing how UV/EB can solve problems or fill a certain niche in an industry is super interesting to me.

RTYP: What are your suggestions for students or YPs who are just starting their professional careers?

KS: Don’t be afraid to ask questions or admit to not knowing something. Everyone always is learning and expanding his or her knowledge.

RTYP: What else do you want to share with us?

HP: Good luck out there, all you young professionals!

The RadTech YP Committee aims to help young professionals (YPs) grow in the use and development of UV and EB technology. The group is dedicated to enhancing interactions between YPs and senior experts within RadTech. YPs are students and professionals early in their careers who utilize UV and EB technology in industry, government or academia. For more information, email yp@radtech.org.

RadTech YP Group Invites Participation

The RadTech YP is made up of students and professionals younger than 35 years old or with fewer than five years of experience post-graduation utilizing UV and EB technology in industry, government or academia. The group’s mission is to connect professionals at all levels; impact industry by driving innovation through connections; and discuss challenges and opportunities faced by YPs.

The group provides opportunities to get involved with industry activities, including Sustainability, 3D Printing/Additive Manufacturing and Environment, Health and Safety. Career opportunities and industry exposure can be found through RadTech conferences and events, as well as through RadLaunch initiative that encourages and rewards innovation in the field.

Join the RadTech YP mailing list or LinkedIn group through links found at https://radtech.org/radtech-young-professionals/.