RadTech China 2023 Held in Yixing

Submitted by Fenfen Bao, RadTech China

Sponsored by RadTech China, and co-sponsored by Jiangsu Sanmu Group Corporation, Jiangsu Jitri Photosensitive Electronic Material Research Institute Co., Ltd., Nanchang Hangkong University and Jiangnan University, the 24th RadTech China Annual Conference 2023 – together with 30th anniversary of RadTech China – was held successfully July 18-21, 2023, at the Taodu Peninsula Hotel in Jiangsu province, China.

Around 900 delegates from around 400 companies and institutions, both at home and abroad, attended the conference, including delegates from China, Malaysia, Japan, America, Germany, Australia, South Korea, Switzerland, France, Hong Kong and Taiwan regions. The conference proceedings featured 122 papers, including 105 oral presentations and 17 posters, with topics that included radiation curing electronic materials, coatings, inks and printing, adhesives, monomers and resins, photoinitiators, light sources and devices, 3D printing, near-infrared, cationic, area overviews, new applications and so on.

During the same period, the RadTech China Organizing Committee also arranged six advanced seminars with different themes on radiation curing technology. The RadTech exhibition was held as scheduled, possessing nearly 60 exhibitors. The Organizing Committee also reviewed the development process of the 30th anniversary of RadTech China. The event in Yixing is the largest in recent years, having the most content, the most representatives and the most participating companies and universities, as well as the most exhibitors and audiences. For further information, visit http://radtechchina.com/.