In Memoriam: Urs Läuppi

Urs Läuppi, a respected and world-renowned icon in the electron beam industry, passed away April 15 after a brief illness. His career included more than five decades of sales and consulting work with leading electron beam and gamma equipment manufacturers.

He advocated passionately for the adoption of electron beam technology. This included involvement in the founding and development of the RadTech Europe organization. He traveled extensively and was instrumental in growing the market globally. These experiences led him to write a book about his adventures titled “And Home Again.” He will be sorely missed.

From his industry colleagues and friends: “Urs Läuppi, a legend of radiation processing, is gone the 15th of April at the age of 79. He dedicated his life for accelerators and radiation curing by High Voltage Engineering at Amersfoort (The Netherlands) by Energy Sciences Inc in Geneva and USA and by Comet (Switzerland). He was a co-founder of RadTech Europe and was also president of the organization and an active member for more than 30 years. All our thoughts to the family.”

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