Innovations in Optics Unveils Breakthrough LED Illuminator Technology

Press release submitted on behalf of Innovations in Optics, Inc.

Innovations in Optics, Inc. (IOI), Woburn, Massachusetts, is excited to announce a groundbreaking advancement in UV LED illuminator technology. Leveraging its patented light recycling technology, IOI has developed the LumiBright LED illuminator, setting a new standard for performance and reliability in UV LED applications.

Recent inquiries have highlighted the need to surpass the industry standard for LED illuminator lifespan. IOI’s engineers conducted extensive analysis and identified an innovative solution to enhance the longevity of the LumiBright. By applying a mirror to the output face of the LumiBright, IOI has been able to achieve remarkable results.

Compared to the closest competitor offerings, the LumiBright shows significant advantages. With superior thermal management, ensuring long-term reliability, the LumiBright boasts unmatched intensity and versatility. Compared to traditional arc lamps, LEDs offer numerous benefits, including longer service life, increased control over output, and lower operating costs.

Thomas Brukilacchio, President and CEO of IOI, commented “We are excited to announce this new light engine to our customers, as it provides a solution to a gap in the market. With our patented technology and thermal management, we can comfortably say this new LumiBright has a lifetime of over 10,000 hours at the same optical power as our current LumiBrights.”

IOI is committed to meeting the growing demand for the LumiBright across various industries. Plans are underway to begin high-volume production of this revolutionary product, further solidifying IOI’s position as a leader in LED illuminator technology.

About Innovations in Optics, Inc.
Founded in 1993 and located near Boston, Innovations in Optics, Inc. offers high power LED light sources for science and industry that provide maximum photon delivery, illumination uniformity, and stable optical power. With over 70 international and U.S. patents, IOI products offer system-level advantages over lasers and arc lamps in OEM equipment for many applications. Available LED wavelengths range from the UV through the NIR, including broadband white and multispectral options. IOI light engines are used as excitation sources in fluorescent imaging for life science applications, and they support photomask exposure, direct image writing, 3D printing, and photocuring. Extreme brightness LED projectors enable 3D machine vision. Fiber-coupled light engines provide superior light delivery for industrial borescopes, medical endoscopes, microscopes, and UV spot curing.