ISMS-30-VAS Sampling Sphere Developed by Gigahertz-Optik

Press release submitted on behalf of Gigahertz-Optik.

Gigahertz-Optik, Amesbury, Massachusetts, has responded to the calls of display industry technologists for a sampling integrating sphere source designed to measure hemispherical diffuse reflection on flat and curved displays with interchangeable sample ports to eliminate the gap between sample port and convex or concave displays.1

Plus the sphere’s annulus light source method separates specular and diffuse components of reflected glare from display surfaces. Combining it with the variable aperture source method delivers source-size dependence. Measuring diagnostic reflection samples and ePaper with mirror-like or scattering surfaces confirmed that the source-size dependence of reflected glare comes from haze scatter.2

The ISMS-30-VAS is built around a 300 mm diameter integrating sphere with two LED based light sources for best uniformity. An additional port is available for an optional reference sensor. Port adapters for making the annulus method and sampling sphere method are mounted on both sides. For the measurement of displays with different curvatures (concave, convex, flat, different angles, etc.) individual port adapters are available. These are fixed onto the sphere by magnetic holders for best reproducibility.

  1. Reflection Measurements and Uncertainties Using Sampling Spheres on Flat, Convex, and Concave Displays by Edward F. Kelley, Dirk Hertel, John Penczek and Paul Boynton
  2. Combining Annulus and Variable Aperture Source Methods to Separate Specular, Haze and Lambertian Reflection Components of ePaper Displays by Dirk Hertel and John Penczek

Gigahertz-Optik manufactures a full line of integrating sphere uniform sources for imaging equipment calibration applications.

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