IST METZ Impresses at drupa and Sets the Course for the Future

Press release submitted on behalf of IST METZ.

IST METZ, Nuertingen, Germany, is a company that produces equipment for curing print and coating by means of UV light. drupa 2024, the most important industry trade fair for IST, came to a successful close on June 7. Driven by the overall success of the trade fair, IST was also able to return home with a more than satisfactory final result. Its 50 colleagues worked hard to achieve this and diligently presented its latest innovations and a contemporary company image to the more than 8,000 visitors to their stand, which covered more than 400 square meters.

Due to the great demand and direct visitor response, it quickly became clear, as expected,
that IST’s innovation trio, consisting of SMARTcure, FREEcure and UV Analyzer, captured
the trends of the time and also hit the key points in terms of expectations. IST has
demonstrated a keen sense for the requirements of the market, which currently still
demands the interplay of digital and analog technologies. Nevertheless, the trade fair
was dominated by buzzwords such as digitalization, AI and intelligent workflows, including
software solutions, and in this way also approached the omnipresent topic of
sustainability. In any case, IST can justifiably claim that they still have a significant influence on the state of the art.

Another notable factor was that the packaging industry is still on the rise, and they see
great potential there for their patented FREEcure system, whose approach of dispensing
with photoinitiators was very well received.┬áThis was clearly illustrated during their 35 print demonstrations, done live three times a day, on how a modern printing process runs on the Heidelberg Speedmaster and uses UV and LED UV to achieve the desired result, in this case the print job for German brand Haribo, which they will donate to children’s hospitals and
kindergartens as previously announced.

The cheerful atmosphere and great teamwork at their stand also contributed to the
success of the trade fair. Last but not least, this was also thanks to their co-exhibitors
WEILBURGER Graphics GmbH and Kocher and Beck GmbH + Co. Rotationstanztechnik
KG, who rocked the house with them. The uncomplicated and relaxed tone was greatly
appreciated by the visitors, which was also reflected in the filled rows of their after work sessions, where one or two after work beers were enjoyed together.

The handover of the 100,000th light source to the company Peter Wiesendanger medien GmbH was, of course, also a nice milestone and reason to celebrate – such events speak for themselves and also make IST a little proud.

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