Phoseon Introduces Passively Cooled UV LED Source

Phoseon Technology, Hillsboro, Oregon, has introduced FireEdgeTMFE100, the first natural convection UV LED light source for industrial curing.

The FE100 UV LED curing lamp for digital inkjet pinning has no internal fan and is cooled passively through natural convection. A secondary application is edge curing during the manufacture of flat panel displays. Using only ambient air for cooling, the FE100, which has an emitting window of 180×10 mm, eliminates the need for any external forced-air cooling system or chiller to remove heat from the UV source.

The FE100 joins the family of Phoseon FireEdge compact air-cooled UV LED light sources that minimize the distance required between inkjet heads, offer a simple and quick programmable logic controller (PLC) interface and provide high reliability and long life.

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