The Entire Spectrum for Curing

The newly formed Business Unit Curing of Dr. Hönle AG, Gilching, Germany, consisting of printing specialists Hönle, Eltosch Grafix, PrintConcept, and GEPA Coating Solutions, stands for highly efficient customized curing and drying solutions in printing applications. Their extensive product portfolio includes not only LED-UV but also conventional UV, inertUV, and IR systems. This unique selection, combined with decades of experience, enables individual, tailor-made solutions for every printing application, ensuring process security and first-class product quality for printers.

Achieving the perfect printing result with lower energy consumption: “The focus of our drupa presentation is this time on LED-UV systems, especially for digital, sheet-fed, and web printing applications. They not only provide UV-typical advantages such as higher throughput speeds and reliable printing results but also contribute clearly to the sustainability of printing processes due to their comparatively low energy consumption and the option of format shutdown,” explains Dr. Tim Rüttermann, head of the new Hönle Business Unit Curing.

New in the portfolio is the LED Powerline LC HV for fast and energy-efficient curing of printing inks and varnishes. The water-cooled and variable LED-UV curing device can be used for pinning and final curing in almost any printing application: whether paper or film, whether web-shaped or 3D. The modular design of the LED Powerline LC HV allows for ideal length adjustment to the application and enables variable format shutdown, resulting in significant energy savings.

The powerful LED-UV system LED Powerline Focus is optimized for greater distances to the substrate: Special focusing optics ensure excellent curing results even at high printing speeds. The modular construction of the LED Powerline allows for format shutdown and thus efficient curing on substrates of different sizes.

UV or LED: With the new hybrid device UVAPRINT varyCURE, the printer can always choose the right curing technology for the upcoming printing job. Thanks to the user-friendly and easy-to-handle cassette technology, only the insert needs to be exchanged, which is equipped with a UV discharge lamp in one case and LEDs in the other.

As a development partner of printing press manufacturers, the Hönle Business Unit Curing provides curing solutions for new printing presses. “Additionally, more and more printing companies are coming directly to us or to the printing press manufacturers, with the request to retrofit their existing machines with LED-UV systems to increase their efficiency and future-proof their application,” says Tim Rüttermann. “Here, we can deploy our extensive expertise and always find the best solution for the user.”

At the drupa stand of the Hönle Group, there will also be a service point where visitors can learn about the comprehensive service offerings of the curing and drying experts. Through globally stationed service technicians, decentralized spare parts warehouses, and the additional option of augmented reality-based remote service, printing processes can be sustainably ensured.