AMS Spectral UV Offers On-Sight Live™

River Falls, Wisconsin-based AMS Spectral UV, a manufacturer of industrial-strength curing systems, offers On-Sight Live™, an optional upgrade to its EverCare™ Remote Support packages. The upgrade provides a plug-and-play hardware kit so customers can directly communicate with service technicians via a live, interactive video and audio connection.

The technician will see what the customer sees, in real time, and will be able to provide visual onscreen guidance about what to look at and how to address the issue at hand while talking customers through the needed steps and actions via a two-way headset.

Each On-Sight Live™ hardware kit includes a tablet computer in a protective case and wireless noise-canceling headphones with built-in microphone. These come packaged in a hardshell case for easy and safe storage in rugged environments.

The required software is preloaded onto the tablet – no setup is required. It is super-simple and intuitive to use On-Sight Live™ – customers will be provided a code to easily log in at the time they require service.

Both parties can collaboratively draw on the video being shared in real time; the drawings maintain orientation and position on the video feed, a key feature that lends itself to technical service scenarios.

On-Sight Live™ features low-bandwidth modes to allow for better collaboration in less-than-ideal communication conditions, so customers can count on interactive live remote support with video when it is needed. To use On-Sight Live™, customers need access to Wi-Fi. A mobile hotspot connection will work.

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