FireJet™ FJ801 Controller Upgraded with Touchscreen Control

Phoseon Technology, Hillsboro, Oregon, a provider of UV LED curing solutions, has introduced the release of the FireJet™ FJ801 area curing solution, now with a touch controller. The user interface of the controller’s touchscreen allows for easy operation. With no knobs or buttons on the front, the controller can be stored and transported more easily. The system targets electronics manufacturing, adhesives cure and lab material/substrate curing.

The FJ801 and FJ800 light sources are designed primarily for production lines which requires area curing such as micro speakers and camera modules manufacturing. Starting from a base curing area of 100 mm x 100 mm, these modular products can scale in both directions, to provide contiguous, uniform UV output. The light source is available in 365 nm/385 nm/395 nm/405 nm wavelengths. The light source also offers process stability with Phoseon’s patented TargetCure™ technology.

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