ACTEGA’s Coatings and Inks Designed to Increase Competitive Edge

ACTEGA, Wesel, Germany, announces new additions to its extensive product portfolio, further enhancing the visual and haptic effects achievable for shrink sleeves. The new products include coatings designed to create highly tactile, impactful shrink sleeve effects.

By applying the Hybrid AQ-UV Soft Touch Coating and UV Wet Touch Coating, users can produce packaging designs that represent the brand image or the product itself, such as wet touch coatings on a beverage bottle or the soft touch finish on a tube of conditioning moisturizer.

In addition to these advanced coatings, ACTEGA’s new UV and solvent-based silver inks, including a solvent-based rainbow silver have been launched for brands and converters looking to create a dramatic metallic shine. Converters also can opt for these silvers instead of a traditional foil finishing process, enabling better recyclability of the finished container, and reducing waste associated with applying foil.

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