Epoxy Technology, Inc., Launches Website

Epoxy Technology, Inc., Billerica, Massachusetts, a manufacturer of high value epoxy solutions, has announced the launch of the company’s new website.

The company’s tagline, “We Bond With You,” is the focus of the site and is seen through the company’s promise to partner with customers on the journey to finding the best solution for their application needs. The new site offers a modern, user-friendly experience that consists of an extensive knowledge base, product selection tool, easy access to technical assistance and in-depth product information.

With the purchase of Epoxy Technology, Inc., in 2019 by Meridian Adhesives Group, a leading platform in the global adhesives sector, Epoxy Technology, Inc., is better positioned than ever to create responsive, dynamic solutions for the aerospace, automotive, electronics, medical and energy production markets.

For more information, visit www.epotek.com.