Final Report Published from Photopolymer Additive Manufacturing (PAM) Workshop

The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), in partnership with RadTech, the nonprofit for UV+EB photopolymer technology, has announced the publication of the final report from their Photopolymer Additive Manufacturing (PAM) Workshop, held at the National Institute of Standards and Technology in Boulder, Colorado.

The workshop was organized to identify common challenges and solutions specific to photopolymers, ultraviolet curing, manufacturing processes and the performance of materials in commercial products. The publication details challenges to advancing PAM technology and offers recommended research directions, including material science and engineering to characterize PAM materials; advanced computing for materials discovery and process modeling; measurement science and standards development for reliable, high-performance PAM; environmental, health and safety regulations for safe and responsible PAM adoption; and opportunities for industry collaborations to enhance PAM utility.

NIST has been instrumental in the growth and development of US technologies and is at the forefront of the push into photopolymer additive manufacturing, building on ground-breaking work.

To view the workshop summary and complete workshop report, visit the PAM event website.

Coming soon from NIST and RadTech: The PAM workshop identified strong interest among multiple stakeholder groups to develop and disseminate PAM-specific characterization methods. NIST and RadTech are organizing a four-week seminar series that will provide a deep-dive each week on a specific class of characterization techniques (e.g., chemical spectroscopy, mechanical testing, advanced microscopy).