FREEcure by IST METZ Offers Light Curing

The FREEcure UV system, developed by IST METZ GmbH, NĂ¼rtingen, Germany, together with BASF SE, Ludwigshafen, Germany, is designed to increase the UVC percentage in the spectrum of a UV lamp. FREEcure achieves results without photoinitiators, inertization or electron beams.

Developers at BASF SE and IST METZ GmbH explored the possibility of recreating the UV-curing process without photoinitiators. FREEcure is not only suitable for 100% UV systems, but also for waterborne UV systems. This will help varnish or ink manufacturers overcome obstacles arising from different regulatory requirements regarding the composition and processing of their products.

Benefits of FREEcure include: environmentally friendly curing, beneficial from a human-sensory point of view, energy efficient, extremely short curing times, simple process and high cost-efficiency.

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