Gigahertz-Optik Launches Video of SphereSpectro in Action

Gigahertz-Optik Inc., Amesbury, Massachusetts, a manufacturer of innovative UV-VIS-NIR optical radiation measurement instrumentation, has launched a video of its SphereSpectro 150H – UV-VIS-IR spectrophotometer, offering a look into the innovative technology that enables the simultaneous determination of the scattering and absorption of a volumetric sample.

By performing multiple measurements simultaneously, the SphereSpectro 150H shortens measurement times and delivers high-precision, absolute measurement results. It measures the spectral absorption coefficient (µa) and the spectral, effective scattering coefficients (µs – also called reduced scattering coefficient) of diffuse and clear samples, regardless of whether they are solid or liquid.

The tabletop device has a large sample space with a clamp holder, which makes inserting the samples just as easy as evaluating them on the screen. An intuitive software package is provided, enabling “plug and play” evaluation of scattered or clear media in a matter of seconds.

The SphereSpectro 150H is ideally suited for material analysis, biophotonics and content determination, as well as quality assurance, food analysis, pharmacy and cosmetics.

Florian Schropp, sales manager, stated that this product is a laboratory-based system consisting of a broadband light source, integrating sphere, different model BTS2048 spectroradiometers as well as an algorithm based on the “radiation transport theory.” It measures the spectral absorption coefficient and the spectral effective scattering coefficient of scattering media – a unique feature.

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