Innovations in Optics, Inc. Introduces LumiSun™-50

Innovations in Optics, Inc., has announced its new LumiSun™-50, a compact LED, AAA solar simulator based on the company’s OEM LumiSun™.

LumiSun™-50 provides AAA-certified output over a 50 mm x 50 mm illumination area and adequately measures the efficiency and spectral response of photovoltaic cells. LumiSun™-50 employs a multi-wavelength array of long lifetime LEDs that are driven independently to emulate the spectral output of the sun.

The unit offers three present solar preference spectra plus the flexibility to create and save user-defined spectra by varying the output of the individual LEDs. The design projects light extremely uniformly across the whole field of illumination. The system can operate in either steady-state mode or under the control of an external pulse trigger. LumiSun™-50 meets Class AAA for spectral match, uniformity of irradiance and temporal stability requirements. Output power can be varied from 0.1 to 1.5 Suns, and user-friendly operation is supported by a front-panel touchscreen.

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