Michelman and CMS Industrial Technologies, LLC Enter into Partnership

Michelman, Cincinnati, Ohio, recently partnered with CMS Industrial Technologies, LLC (CMS) to produce its coating equipment, including rod coating, press rod coaters, blade coaters, spray coaters and slide-angle testers. CMS also will perform engineering, part replacement and service.

Both organizations have a collaborative and customer intimate approach and look forward to initiating coating opportunities by producing and marketing coating equipment that will better serve the corrugate industry worldwide.

Michelman’s surface additives and polymeric binders are used around the world in applications including wood and floor care products, metal and industrial coatings, paints, varnishes, inks, fibers and composites. The company also aids in the development of barrier and functional coatings, as well as digital printing-press primers that are used in the production of consumer and industrial packaging, paper products, labels and commercially printed materials.

For more information, visit www.michelman.com.