Michelman Partners with HP Indigo

Michelman, Cincinnati, Ohio, a developer and manufacturer of environmentally friendly advanced materials, believes that label printers can better serve high-performance label markets with digital print technology designed to enhance the mechanical, water, chemical and thermal durability of digitally printed labels on HP Indigo label presses.

Michelman recently expanded its suite of high-performance label solutions, used with UV overprint varnishes (OPVs), permitting HP Indigo digitally printed labels to endure harsh environments, including extreme heat, chemicals, water or friction during packing and transport. These solutions allow press owners to increase their addressable market size and produce more with their HP Indigo digital label presses in such applications as packaging for personal care and cosmetics, household cleaners, automotive oils and fluids, wine and beer bottles, and industrial and electronic equipment.

Michelman’s new suite of DigiGuard® Plus UV OPV strengtheners is economical and easy to use compared to lamination or other complex solutions. The entire portfolio, designed to improve UV OPVs’ performance combined with Michelman’s DigiPrime® priming solutions, allows press owners improved ease-of-use by using off-the-shelf varnish with the strengtheners added. They can use their current UV Curable OPVs without investing in additional products or finishing equipment. Furthermore, their performance has been tested via the Sutherland Rub and other ASTM, Finat, Bottle to Bottle and submersion tests. All have achieved digital print industry resistance standards for label durability.

DigiGuard® Plus 902 UV OPV Strengthener: Provides water, thermal and chemical resistance for high-performance labels and is an economical substitute for DigiGuard UV OPV 901.

DigiGuard® Plus 920 UV OPV Strengthener: Provides mechanical and rub resistance for high-performance labels.

DigiGuard® Plus 921 UV OPV Strengthener: Provides water and chemical resistance for high-performance labels.

DigiGuard® Plus 920 & DigiGuard® Plus 921 can be used in combination to provide mechanical, water, and chemical resistance.

For more information, visit www.Michelman.com.