DELO Introduces New Process Technology

DELO, Sudbury, Massachusetts, has developed a process technology combining adhesive dispensing and pre-activation in a single process step. Activation on the flow provides users with new options for designing their products and processes while reducing costs and CO2 emissions.

Ideal for bonding and encapsulating temperature-sensitive electronic components, this new technology offers an alternative to bonding processes previously used in industry. The adhesive already is irradiated during the dispensing process, which starts the curing reaction even before the adhesive meets the component. After the combined process step, the components can be joined.

Another unique feature of the technology is that the exposed adhesive areas can be additionally irradiated and fixed after joining. This provides immediate initial strength, preventing the adhesive from flowing out and the components from slipping, while allowing them to be further processed right away. The adhesive cures reliably to final strength whether or not there is additional light fixation. No additional process steps are needed, even in undercuts and shadowed areas.

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