NDC Technologies’ New Series 9 On-Line Gauge

NDC Technologies, Dayton, Ohio, introduced its new Series 9 on-line gauge for food, bulk industrial material and tobacco processing applications in 2020.

The Series 9 gauge provides the following benefits to customers:

  • With greater process vision when integrated with NDC’s high-performance single-beam scanners, such as the new SlimTrakII, and Pro.Net TDi web gauging controller, users can effectively perform ultra-accurate measurements of moisture, coat weight, degree of cure and film/layer thickness across a wide range of converting applications such as extrusion, coating and lamination.
  • Delivers ultra-reliable operation with no need for recalibration, systematic monitoring or correction for drift.
  • Includes powerful features for preventative maintenance to ensure maximum uptime.
  • Easy operation and maintenance enables manufacturers to realize immediate and long-term value over the lifetime of operation.

For more information, www.ndc.com.