IDTechEx Releases Report on 3D Printing Market

IDTechEx, Cambridge, UK, has released a new report on the 3D printing materials market (2022-2023). The report forecasts future revenue and mass demand for the AM materials market while segmenting the market by 75 different forecast lines across four major material categories. The report – titled “3D Printing Materials Market 2022-2032” – also provides material benchmarking studies alongside an analysis of the AM materials market.

Whereas 3D printing used to be synonymous with low-cost thermoplastics for less demanding applications, it now sees more high-performance materials enter the market annually, from metal-matrix composites to bio-ceramics to recycled plastics. This portfolio of compatible materials continues to expand as end-users demand higher quality products, greater choice, flexibility, and in the case of prototyping, materials that accurately mimic the final product’s appearance and behavior. Importantly, this wider materials portfolio comes alongside increased adoption of additive manufacturing (AM), as important end-users begin to fully understand the value-add that 3D printing brings to their supply chain.

IDTechEx forecasts that the global market for 3D printing materials will be worth $29.5 billion in 2032.

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