Albert Extends Coverage of Transformational Regulatory Automation Capabilities to China and Taiwan

Press release submitted on behalf of Albert Invent. 

One-click GHS compliant Safety Data Sheets (SDS) and label generation make it possible to ship products and samples same-day vs. the typical days-to-weeks; integral part of the Albert R&D platform enables labs to accelerate innovation and time to market.

With this expansion, Albert now provides regulatory automation for the three largest chemical industry markets in the world – U.S., China, and the European Union; Japan scheduled in 2024.

Albert Invent, Oakland, California, the company accelerating R&D with its data-driven, end-to-end platform, today announced that it has expanded coverage of its Regulatory Automation module to the China and Taiwan regulatory markets. Further extending Albert’s R&D platform, Regulatory Automation now provides all national and local safety regulations for these regions to enable chemical and materials science labs to innovate faster. With this expansion, Albert’s regulatory automation functionality covers the three largest chemical industry markets in the world– U.S., China, and the European Union.

Albert’s Regulatory Automation module is the industry’s first fully automated system to enable chemical and materials science companies to generate in one-click Globally Harmonized System (GHS) compliant SDSs and labels. Adhering to global and local regulations, Albert Regulatory Automation is available in over 22 languages. This functionality also provides key data insights about products and potential interactions to guide safer, more efficient experimentation as well as dramatically streamlines environmental health and safety (EH&S) management. Compliant labels and SDSs can be generated at the click of a button, facilitating same-day product shipping and sampling. As a result, customers utilizing Albert reduce iterations and delays, and accelerate speed to market.

“With Albert, scientists are now empowered with regulatory information when they design their first product. Knowing your regulatory compliance when you ship a sample is too late. I can’t tell you how many times we have heard folks in the industry talk about their products getting stopped in customs due to an unregistered component,” said Nick Talken, CEO and co-founder of Albert Invent. “At Albert, we relentlessly pursue solutions that help scientists make better products in less time. This release is a major milestone on this journey.”

The Albert Regulatory module was designed and developed as a central component of Albert’s platform, which supports the entire R&D process end-to-end. Regulatory Automation streamlines the EH&S work to ensure regulatory teams are working on the hardest problems vs. tedious document management while empowering scientists to consider regulatory compliance as part of their product design, rather than reviewing once the product is finished. In addition to the U.S., Europe, and now China and Taiwan, Albert will continue to expand Regulatory Automation coverage to meet customers’ needs in labs throughout the world.

Benefits of Regulatory Automation

As with all modules on the Albert platform, Regulatory Automation was designed with the practical needs of scientists and regulatory teams at its heart. Its unique feature set includes:

  • One-Click SDS Generation: As regulations change, so should the SDS. Immediately generate a GHS compliant SDS to ship a product to a customer. Albert automates this process and ensures organizations are always globally compliant. SDS’ are generated in seconds rather than the several hours spent when completed manually.
  • Label Generation: With the push of a button, Albert users can download GHS compliant labels for all chemicals and batches. Labels are a lot specific with unique barcodes for each batch.
  • Barcode Scanning: By scanning a barcode, access the data easily and quickly. Users gain real-time visibility to stock quantities, regulatory information, and more.

To put some of the efficiency gains enabled by these features into perspective, a lab team of 40 could spend more than 80 hours a week manually creating regulatory compliant documentation and labels before shipment. With Albert Regulatory Automation, the same documentation is completed in minutes so that products and samples can be shipped in a single day, rather than requiring days or weeks, accelerating time to market while freeing up scientists to speed more time on innovation.

Your Lab Partner for Safety

Managing legal and compliant chemical laboratories is challenging, particularly on a global scale. Whether a company is storing hazardous materials or navigating regulatory restrictions, Albert provides sophisticated real-time reporting functionality to ensure labs and storage facilities always remain compliant and safe.

By streamlining processes and connecting teams across the lifecycle of experiments, Albert also helps organizations create less hazardous products. Additionally, it aids in storage capability.

Whenever inventory is received, whether it is a new lot from a supplier or an internal transfer, it can be digitally recorded in Albert; the platform notifies users to assure that incompatible chemicals are not stored together. Albert also provides real time EHS feedback, guiding users through product design to help them discover potential hazards or regulatory restrictions. Simply, Albert provides all of the information needed to handle, store, and ship chemicals safely.

“Safety isn’t just a buzzword for us; it’s an ethos embedded in every strand of our molecular design and real-world application philosophy. Albert understands that and makes safety easy for everyone,” said Paul Snowwhite, CEO of Applied Molecules. “Working with Albert and now having the ability to generate a SDS in a single click has been a game-changer. It’s simple, clear, and places focus where it needs to be for safe, efficient experimentation and product development.”

About Albert Invent

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