GEW has supplied a commercial printing company in Ukraine with a complete 40″ UV and LED curing system for the company’s Komori L640+C sheetfed offset press, free of charge.

Pryvatna Drukarnya, based in Khmelnytskyi in western Ukraine, had been forced to halt production in February 2022 so it could provide humanitarian support to some of the many refugees fleeing the conflict in the east of the country. This included using its two restaurants and a gymnasium, which were normally used by staff and customers, to prepare up to 1,200 free meals every day for refugees, and to accommodate up to 500 people every night. Pryvatna Drukarnya had an urgent need to get back into production to be able to continue as a viable business.

Mikhail Gluhovski, managing director at Pryvatna Drukarnya, initially requested the GEW UV system be supplied on preferential payment terms to enable them to take on the risk of investment in such difficult business conditions. When GEW offered the UV system free of charge, Pryvatna Drukarnya immediately responded to say that it would in turn make several humanitarian donations to worthy causes in Ukraine.

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